A Day in the Life of a Dietitian: My Favorite Workout Clothes

A Day in the Life of a Dietitian: My Favorite Workout Clothes

Apr 22, 2022Anne Cundiff, RD, LD, FAND

Who else is on the quest for the perfect black workout legging or the “not too tight, not too lose” headband?  I know I have tried a lot of different items for my most comfortable workout. Of course it depends on the type of movement I will be doing for the day, but I always have my tried-and-true items as the foundations of all my training sessions. I think it is important to invest in clothing that makes you feel good, confident and ready to rock your workout. It will encourage you to actually do the workout and stay consistent with your movement. I have tried quite a few different things over the years and below are my favorites that help me keep my scheduled daily sweat session.

Workout foundation: the necessities for all my training sessions

  • Headband – I like a nice wide headband that is not too tight but keeps my hair in place without popping off my head. My favorites come from Scunci and JUNK.
  • Sport Bras – I am not going to share my favorite brands with you because I think this really depends on your size, shape and activity you are doing. However, I will emphasize that you really need to invest in quality ones that meet the needs of your training. This is not an area to skimp on or continue to wear the ones you wore in high school.
  • Tops and Leggings – Many of us are on the quest for the perfect training clothing, especially leggings, and I have tried my share. I currently like the active wear from Joe Fresh and I always keep going back to Gap for tops and Athleta for leggings.
  • Socks – This has been another quest to find the perfect sock that my shoes don’t eat and doesn’t cause blisters. For walking and strength training I wear Feetures, and for jogging or running I like Swiftwick.

Workout add-ins: additions to my foundation for specific training

  • Gaiam Grippy Yoga-Barre Socks – These are a must for yoga, stretching and anything I need a little extra grip for.
  • Weight Training Gloves – These have been a lifesaver for my hands to prevent calluses and to give me a better grip on heavier weights. I think I am on my second or third Nike pair, made specifically for women’s hands.
  • Gaiam Running Pack – I am not really a runner and am more like a fast walker and jogger, but when I hit the trails for a long adventure, I like to have a place to keep my phone, keys and a little cash. This pack does the job and is lightweight.

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