Dietitian’s Top 5 Favorite Protein Bars

Dietitian’s Top 5 Favorite Protein Bars

Jan 21, 2022Jennifer Blaser RD, LD

Surveying the protein bar choices at your local store can be an overwhelming experience. With an ever-growing selection, finding the right bar for you can feel like shopping for clothes online without trying them on first. I’ve broken down my top 5 protein bars to help you find the best choice for you in 2022!

  1. GoMacro Bars—There is a big focus on including more plant protein in our diets and these bars will help you do just that. GoMacro bars are vegan, gluten-free and organic. They taste great and can fit in your lifestyle as an after-workout snack or a quick on-the-go option.
  1. KIND Protein Bars—KIND has a lot of great options on the market for snack bars. Their protein line packs in 12g of protein per bar, half of which comes from the nuts they contain. With a variety of great flavor options, from almond butter dark chocolate to toasted caramel nut, you can enjoy some heart-healthy fats and a boost of energy with your protein.
  1. RX Bars—With a huge selection of flavors to choose from, these bars get their protein from egg whites and nuts and contain no added sugar. A great option for a chewy bar with a variety of flavors, they even offer a kids’ line with smaller portions that taste great too! My pick is the Peanut Butter Chocolate.
  1. Alani NU Fit Snacks Protein Bars—These new bars are a great option if you are looking for some different flavors. With fun choices like Blueberry Muffin, Confetti Cake and Fruity Cereal you can satisfy that sweet tooth and power through the day with 16g of protein. They are a great gluten-free option and a good source of fiber!
  1. Quest Hero Protein Bars—Kick sugar to the curb with three delicious options. Bite into one of these bars and pinch yourself, as you will think you are eating a candy bar. These bars are good sources of protein and fiber to help keep you full longer. Swap out your Snickers bar for a Chocolate Caramel Pecan Quest Hero Bar.


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