Dietitian's Picks for Summer

Dietitian's Picks for Summer

Jul 13, 2022Danielle Matthies, RD, CD, LD

Summer means heat, sun and fun. Be prepared for those afternoons on the boat, at the pool or while outdoor adventuring with our dietitians’ Picks of the Month: Liquid I.V. and Catalina Crunch.

Hydration Helper

The fun doesn’t stop, as long as you’re properly hydrated! Pump up your hydration for all those summer activities by adding a little Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier is an electrolyte drink mix that’s designed to rehydrate you faster and more efficiently than water alone. It comes in several great-tasting flavors in single-serving packets, which are perfect for carrying with you while on the go. Just add it to 16 ounces of water, mix it up, and enjoy!

Why we love it: “The summer season is often full of parties, outdoor activities and hot weather. All of this can sometimes lead to a miss when it comes to proper hydration. Liquid I.V. is an easy addition to your water bottle to support hydration. Plus, we love that for every purchase made, Liquid I.V. donates a serving to someone in need around the world!”

Snack Satisfier

Who doesn’t love a good snack? Catalina Crunch Snack Mixes are more than an easy afternoon or post-workout snack. With a convenient, re-sealable pouch, these snack mixes are perfect for your next road trip or a keto-friendly option at your next outdoor gathering. They come in four tasty flavors, including Traditional, Cheddar, Spicy Kick and Creamy Ranch, which feature quality, natural ingredients like nuts, cheese crisps, chickpea pretzels and Catalina Crunch® cereal.

Why we love it: “The right combination can make a snack both easy and nutritious. Catalina Crunch Snack Mixes are low in carbs and rich in protein and fiber to support energy and balanced blood sugar. They hit all the right notes for a well-balanced snack, but they’re also really satisfying!”

Hy-Vee dietitians are here to help you make the most of summer! Learn about other hot summer nutrition topics in any of our Virtual Wellness Wednesday classes.

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About the Registered Dietitian

Dani Matthies, RD, CD, LD has been a registered, certified and licensed dietitian and member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for nearly 10 years. With degrees in Community-Medical Dietetics and Spanish from Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI, as well as additional training in Health Communication from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, she is able to take science-based nutrition information and translate it into easy-to-understand and practical advice.

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