My Favorite Products to Support My Mama Lifestyle

My Favorite Products to Support My Mama Lifestyle

May 06, 2022Ashley Danielson, RDN, LD

When I sat down to start writing this, I really wasn’t sure where to start. There are so many different stages of having children and parenting, so this may not speak directly to you. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I did ALL of the research possible … which helped, but also gave me extreme anxiety. Was I choosing the perfect item for my babe? Would this décor look best? It turns out that those things – although they can be important – aren’t the priority.

I’m also not the seasoned parent that maybe I should be writing this. My daughter just turned 2, and we are getting ready to welcome another babe in just a few weeks. Truly, my goal for this read is to support you whether you think you need it or not, and to be realistic. There are SO many items that I could list, but to save you time, I’m sharing some of my favorite products:

Acure Dry Shampoo. Let me start off by saying that dry shampoo is a must for me. I don’t wash my hair every day – frankly because it would look horrible, and I also don’t have the time to do that. I am also an avid yogi and yoga teacher, so I spend a good amount of time sweating. The Acure Dry Shampoo helps give my hair some boost and glow so I can go on with my day.

Witch Hazel. Witch hazel is known for many things, but a big one is skin care because of how it hydrates, nourishes and balances your body. This specific one is alcohol-free and contains aloe vera with strict ingredient standards. Take note, Mamas to be! This is a great option for healing purposes to make DIY Postpartum Padsicles.

Foam Roller. I made the mistake of not using my foam roller right after I had our daughter. Once I did start using it, I found relief right away and continue to use it as much as possible to reduce any tightness after I work out, leg cramps, stress relief and more. I like this one because it is more compact and easy to travel with if needed.

Hand Weights (10 lb). The expectation and reality of life as a Mama – and just a parent or caretaker in general – is extremely different. Although staying active is a priority for me since the benefits are so huge, I don’t always get to the gym or the yoga studio. Plus, the weather isn’t always superb where we live. That being said, I’ve had to incorporate a lot of home workouts. These hand weights are perfect to add to our home gym and easy to store.

Better Life All Purpose Cleaner. Life is not clean. Whether you have a baby, toddler or teenager, there are spills and messes. This all-purpose cleaner is safe for kiddos and animals and you can use it on whatever you need to.

Hy-Vee Blender Bottle. I don’t always have time to sit down for a meal after a workout, especially when most of my workouts are in the morning. Blender bottles are great to shake up protein powder with milk or water. You can sip on your beverage during your commute or when you get to work. As a registered dietitian, please know that I am not advising you to just drink a protein shake for a meal! I typically add in more breakfast later or add a heavier snack to keep me fueled for the rest of the morning.

Bamboo Diffuser. Essential oils are my jam and I use my diffuser whether it is morning, day or night. There are so many options to use with just one essential oil or a combination, and it makes it so much better when the diffuser is pretty.

Dr. Teal’s Sleep Soak. After a long day between work and family time, I am exhausted! I try to check some things off of my list, but self-care and extra rest for me is a work in progress. Using this epsom salt in a warm bath not only promotes relaxation for me but provides magnesium for my achy muscles (and leg cramps from pregnancy) as well as my melatonin levels.

Orgain Protein Powder. Remember that blender bottle I mentioned? Orgain is a go-to protein powder for me as I don’t always breakdown dairy products very well. It’s tasty and I love to shake it up with Ripple milk or add it to a smoothie. If I can get protein AND fruits and veggies into a protein powder, it’s a big win!

Four Sigmatic Adaptogen Ground Coffee. We switched from a sleep soak to caffeine quickly, but this Mama does need her coffee! It’s more so a comforting thing me, but essential. I don’t use Four Sigmatic daily, but I do like the benefits of creating a bit more balance while I’m sipping on my daily grind.

NutPods Hazelnut Creamer. I wish I could say I like my coffee black, but I don’t. After going back to school and becoming a dietitian, of course I paid much more attention to nutrition labels and ingredients. I’ve tried numerous coffee creamers, but Nutpods is my absolute favorite and is a staple to have in the house.

Bob’s Red Mill Rolled Oats. I love having oats on hand to prep oatmeal for the week or use for overnight oats for busy mornings. Whether it is rolled oats or steel-cut oats, I’m a big fan! Oats are another great addition to recipes – I’m currently prepping freezer meals for our next babe and I just made a big batch of lactation cookies with rolled oats to have on hand.

Chia Seeds. Other than adding chia seeds into lactation cookies, they are so easy to incorporate into your day! I always throw a teaspoon into my smoothies, but they work great with yogurt, oatmeal, granola and even salads! Chia seeds provide healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids as well as fiber and protein.

Nick’s Sticks. Nick’s Sticks have been a longtime favorite of mine if I need a quick snack, I’m running around or we are traveling. I love the grass-fed options with simple ingredients and also know that if I grab a couple of spicy sticks for my husband, it’s a win!

Power Up Trail Mix. This trail mix is actually a great option to complement any meat or even vegan protein option. It’s a combo of nuts to provide healthy fats, dried fruit and dark chocolate. Portion control with trail mix can be difficult for me, so I usually purchase a large bag and separate into individual portions to save money.

RX Kids Protein Bar. Although the kids RX bars are delicious, this is one of my favorite products because … when a toddler is hungry, they are HUNGRY! Our 2-year-old never stops moving and she needs to fuel for even more energy! When we traveled recently, she loved having these on hand if we were at the zoo or out and about.

Nuun Hydration tablet. As a registered dietitian, I can’t not talk about hydration. Nuun is an easy option with a tablet or powder to throw into your water. I love that they not only add electrolytes but focus on exercise, rest and recovery.

I could go on and on with what I like to incorporate to support my lifestyle, but I hope this list gives you a good breakdown! Just a friendly reminder that this is what works for me – and that doesn’t mean it needs to work for you. I encourage you to browse the links for each product and then find even more for what helps you support YOUR Mama lifestyle.

If you are looking for even more help from our Hy-Vee dietitians, we offer many services that can support you and your family. Connect with our team to find a dietitian to work with.

*The blog articles, recipes and recommendations found on this site are not intended as medical advice and should not replace consulting with your medical provider. Please consult a medical professional for individual advice.

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