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  • Ask the Dietitian: What is Beet Powder Good For?
    March 1, 2022

    Ask the Dietitian: What is Beet Powder Good For?

    Spring is right around the corner (insert happy dance)! And with the changing of the seasons comes some of my favorite in-season produce picks: asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and beets. While they may not be a common staple at your house,...

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  • Choosing Avocado Oil
    January 14, 2022

    Choosing Avocado Oil

    There are many ways to cook your food while adding extra nutritional benefits. One thing that is often forgotten is adding healthy fats to our meals. Healthy fats are an important part of our diet, but can sometimes be portrayed...

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  • How to Stay Hydrated
    December 14, 2021

    How to Stay Hydrated

     We’ve all heard the recommendation, “Drink more water!” The amount of water you should consume on a daily basis depends on your individual lifestyle in addition to a variety of other factors: climate, fitness, body size and gender, and intensity/duration...

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