Wellness Wednesdays with Your Dietitians

Wellness Wednesdays with Your Dietitians

Apr 05, 2022Ashley Danielson, RDN, LD

As dietitians, we get asked nutrition - and health-related questions daily. What do you think about this diet? What do you think about this product? What do you think about this supplement? We love the curiosity our customers have for nutrition. This is why we created our Wellness Wednesday classes! Wellness Wednesdays are a chance for our dietitian team to answer all your burning nutrition questions.

We like to explore all areas of nutrition, from inside the body like gut health, to specific products you will find on our shelf, like our favorite frozen foods! Nutrition trends will always be a topic of discussion; it’s our goal as nutrition experts to make sure we cover them all. Since nutrition information can change from time to time, we strive to make sure our customers have the most up-to-date information.

So, each Wednesday, we open up to YOU! Our classes are every Wednesday at noon central time for only 30 minutes when our team discusses more details about the specific theme or topic, plus demonstrates a recipe. Our viewers always receive a handout with recipes and other information discussed during the class. Are we open to topic requests? Of course! Customers have specific interests and we try to cover them all within time. We make it easy for you to hop on whether you are at work or at home. Best of all, all of our Wellness Wednesday classes are complimentary.

To make it easier for you, we’ve gathered a list of our dietitians’ favorite and most popular products used in our Wellness Wednesday classes, with shop-able links below:

Chia Seeds: Full of healthy fats, protein and fiber, these little guys are powerful. You can throw them in a smoothie, add to oatmeal or soak in your overnight oats.

Flaxseed: Another mighty seed, but we recommend that you consume ground flaxseeds instead of the whole flaxseed. Take advantage of them in your baking adventures!

Cooking Oils: We love to drizzle a salad with olive oil, and cook with avocado oil as it has a higher smoke point. Here are some great options to try.

Coconut Aminos: Looking for a little extra something for your stir-fry or a homemade dressing? Coconut aminos is a fantastic option that provides nutrition and taste but is much lower in sodium than your traditional soy sauce.

Nuts & Seeds: Whether you are in the mood to DIY it with trail mix or like to keep a stash of heart-healthy nuts in your desk drawer, there are plenty to choose from.

Brands: As dietitians, we love to use all brands in what we do, but of course, we have our favorites:

Since we are already into the first couple of days in April, of course we are ready to rock and roll with Wellness Wednesdays this month! Check out our topics for this month, and click here to register:

  • April 6: Flavors From Across the World
  • April 13: Healthy Aging
  • April 20: Spring Produce
  • April 27: Gut Health 101

Did you think that we forgot? We have a Wellness Wednesday collection on WholeLotta Good every month to partner with our classes so our customers can click and add items directly to their cart. We make it easy for you!

Connect with our Hy-Vee dietitians to learn more about services we offer in addition to Wellness Wednesday classes. We love to help our customers with product recommendations and education to make their lives easier! Find a dietitian closest to you here.

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