Vibrant Health Vibrant Cleanse, Drink Powder

12.7 oz
Vibrant Health

Dietary Supplement. The powdered master cleanse. The convenient, organic lemonade diet. 24 servings. Certified vegan. USDA organic. Certified organic. Late season maple syrup powder. Lemon juice crystals and cayenne pepper. Look what's inside. No proprietary blends. Full disclosure labeling. Master Cleanse with Vibrant Cleanse: Vibrant Cleanse provides a broad array of vitamins and minerals concentrated from the flowing sap of northern Maple trees, and freeze dried organic lemon juice. Reconstituted in water, with a dash of organic cayenne pepper, they provide sustenance as the sole source of nutrition in a lemonade diet intended to take the place of regular meals as a short term liquid fast. Why Cleanse? The purpose of a cleansing fast is to remove metabolic waste and accumulated environmental toxins from the cells of the body. Vibrant Cleanse is intended to force the release and elimination of cellular waste to preserve youth and elasticity regardless of your years. Dairy free. Gluten free. Non-GMO. Soy free. Please recycle this container. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.) Made in the USA since 1992.