Glaceau VitaminWater Zero Rise Orange

6 ct (16.9 fl oz each)
Glaceau Vitaminwater

vitaminwater zero is a great tasting, nutrient enhanced water beverage with electrolytes and vitamins. It provides an excellent source of C and key B vitamins and zero calories. vitaminwater zero is available in eight flavors varieties: power-c (dragonfruit), rise (orange), squeezed (lemonade), focus (kiwi-strawberry), xxx (acai-blueberry-pomegranate), revive (fruit punch), glow (strawberry guanabana), go-go (mixed berry)

Ingredients: reverse osmosis water, erythritol, less than 0.5% of: vitamins C, E, B3, B5, B6, and B12 (ascorbic acid, alpha-tocopheryl acetate, niacinamide, calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, and cyanocobalamin), electrolytes (calcium and potassium phosphates and calcium and magnesium lactates), citric acid, gum acacia, glycerol ester of rosin, natural flavors, stevia leaf extract, phosphoric acid, sorbitol, beta carotene (for color).