Full Circle Market Coconut Clusters With Super Seeds Toasted With Pumpkin, Sunflower And Chia Seeds

3 oz
Full Circle

If for any reason you're not satisfied, we'll give you a full refund. Our organic coconut clusters are perfectly toasted coconut combined with the super seeds-pumpkin, sunflower and chia seeds. Plus, they're gluten free. Treat yourself to a sweet, exotic crunch! COME VISIT US! FullCircleFoods.com is your destination for unique recipes, interesting articles, product overviews and more. INNA0220 CERTIFIED ORGANIC BY PRO-CERT QUALITY GUARANTEED Scan here for more food information. Call 1-888-423-0139 for more food information. OUR STORY We believe in pairing the simple goodness of nature with delicious, market-inspired flavors and delivering that quality to your neighborhood grocer. With Full Circle Market, better choices and affordable prices are always In Season Year Round.™ ©TOPCO No artificial flavors and no synthetic colors

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Ingredients: Organic Coconut, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Chia Seeds, Sea Salt.