Bare Bones Classic Chicken Bone Broth

16 oz
Bare Bones

Essential goodness. Nothing else. Organic pasture-raised chicken bones. Natural collagen source. Slowly simmered 12+ hours. Perfect for cooking & sipping. Cook. Sip. Create. Supercharge your recipes with added flavor & nourishment timing in place of water, stock or broth. Or, simply warm and sip like tea or coffee. 

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Ingredients: Water, Chicken Bone Broth (Organic) (Water Chicken Bones (Organic), Chicken Necks (Organic), Chicken Feet (Organic), Spices (Organic), Onions (Organic) Carrots (Organic), Celery (Organic), Apple Cider Vinegar (Organic), Sea Salt), Chicken Broth (Organic), Gelatin Vegetable Base (Water, Garlic (Organic) Scallions (Organic), Mushroom Powder (Organic), Tomato Paste (Organic), Spices (Organic), Ginger Juice (Organic), Turmeric (Organic)), Sea Salt.