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Noble Made Carrot Ginger Dressing & Marinade - 10 Ounce

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There are some things that were plenty awesome before ginger came along. Think ale. Or bread. Or Gilligan. But admit it: the gingered version of each is pretty next-level. So when we considered what the spicy little root might do for the carrot - a staple holding its own but not exactly dancing on the table - we got a bit giddy. The result was so elevated, we had to bottle it. Because your stir-fry is plenty awesome, but...

Sugar Free

Ingredients: Water, carrots (carrots, water, calcium chloride), apple cider vinegar, tapioca starch, tahini (ground sesame seeds), sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, ginger puree, shallots, ginger powder, black pepper, garlic powder, xanthan gum, onion powder