Cleancult Bottle Hand Soap Blue

12 oz
$9.34 $10.99you save $1.65

Raise your hands for our reusable glass bottle: stylish, shatter-resistant, and dishwasher-safe, with a no-slip silicone sleeve and easy-grip ergonomic design. The durable dispenser releases the perfect amount of soap with each pump, and the minimal style and matte finish looks right at home in your home.

This is the last bottle of soap you’ll ever need, so we designed it to fit your home, lifestyle, and values. Our stylish, 12 oz bottle will look great on any kitchen or bathroom sink and features an easy-to-use pump because cleaning should be cathartic, not a chore.

No secret handshakes or ceremonial robes. Just a clean refill system made with 90% less plastic when paired with our refills.