Gaiam Weighted Jump Rope

1 ct

Jumping rope is is a tried and true workout. Humans have been jumping rope since at least 1600 A.D. when Egyptians used vines to perform the activity. There is a reason we still jump rope today! Skipping or jumping rope burns around 20 calories a minute. Those calories can really add up if you stick to it. Other benefits include heart and cardio health along with increasing your balance and coordination. Jumping rope may remind you of your old school playground days, but this fun activity is great for your health! Add some weight to the rope and you'll be sweating in no time!

  • 1 lb weighted - 0.5 lbs per handle
  • 9 ft total rope length
  • Easily adjustable length to match your height
  • non-kink rope
  • Foam padded handles