Gaiam Classic Yoga Mat

1 ct

The Gaiam Classic Yoga Mat sports a simple minimalist design of a solid black color. It provides 5mm of cushioning thickness. A sticky surface to provide more grip to combat slipping while holding a pose.

  • All black design
  • 5mm thick
  • Sticky textured surface

How to clean a Gaiam yoga mat? Use Gaiam Yoga Mat Wash or Mat Wipes for the best results. Otherwise, use cold water with mild soap on a damp cloth. Wipe down the mat after each session and dry flat.

What is Gaiam? Gaiam is a combination of the word "Gaia", the ancient Greek goddess of Mother Earth, and "I am" to create the word Gaiam. In essence, this new vocabulary translates to "I am the Earth". A word that captures Gaiam's belief of beauty found in all things on Earth.