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HU Sea Salt Crackers - 4.25 Ounce

by HU
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No gluten. No dairy/soy. Certified Paleo. Certified Gluten-Free. Certified vegan. Product is Certified Gluten-Free. Paleo. Non GMO Project verified. Get back to human. No refined starches. Plant-based. No greasy fingers. No grains. No sunflower oil. No lecithins/gums. No seed/vegetable oils. No tapioca. No maltodextrin. No refined starches (flip to learn more!) (Did you know? Hu crackers do not use refined or isolated starches. The most common refined starches found in crackers today are tapioca starch (often listed as just tapioca) and potato starch. Instead of these refined/isolated starches, Hu crackers use the whole cassava root dried and ground). Just Say No to Crappy Crackers: Raise your left hand if you grew up loving crackers. Put it down - people are staring at you. We feasted on a lot of crappy crackers as kids. Who even knows what was in that stuff? We've moved on from those products, but we still crave that savory crunch. When we opened our paled-inspired Hu Kitchen restaurant in 2012, we demanded both great taste and simple ingredients. So, we launched small-batch crackers in our restaurant that were flavorful and grain-free. They were an instant hit. Now they're available for everyone everywhere to enjoy. Because who wants to feel like junk after eating crackers? We're guessing you're not raising your hand now. Jordan & Jessica, Sibling Co-Founders. We are inspired by high-quality food's ability to heal versus poor-quality food's guarantee to hinder. More Hu Stuff: Almond butter. Cashew butter. Hazelnut butter. Simple. Chocolate bars. Chocolate-covered nuts & fruit. Snacking Chocolate Gems. Snacking & baking chocolate.


Ingredients: Grain-Free Flour Blend (Almond, Cassava, Organic Coconut) Black Chia Seed, Flax Seed, Organic Coconut Aminos (Fermented Organic Coconut Nectar, Himalayan Salt), Sea Salt, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Shallot, Organic Thyme, Organic Rosemary, Organic Rosemary Extract (Organic Rosemary, Organic Coconut Oil).