If You Care 100% Soybean Wax All Natural Waxed Paper - 75 sq ft

1 ct
If You Care

75 ft x 12 in / 23 m x 30 cm. Quality with integrity. Made from 100% carnauba wax. Healthy home. Healthy planet. Healthy you. Those are big promises but you can't have one without the others,. so here's our thinking... Like it or not, we are all intimately connected within our world. Choices we make affect us all, even the choice of paper we use in the kitchen. If you care about your choices, so do we. And when we care, we all benefit... Wax. We've chosen nature's toughest, hardest wax from the Carnauba palm tree, harvesting palm fronds from a tree that lives up to 200 years. e effect on the emergence and growth of barley or cress plants. Product of Finland.