Imagine Organic Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

32 oz

It Starts with Real Ingredients.
Every Imagine® Creamy Soup starts with the finest farm-grown vegetables, harvested at the peak of freshness and expertly blended with select herbs and spices. Our commitment to using premium ingredients comes through in every spoonful—so you can serve the rich, authentic flavors of homemade every day of the week.

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Ingredients: Water, Tomato Paste (Certified Organic), Potatoes (Certified Organic), Onions (Certified Organic), Celery (Certified Organic), Basil (Certified Organic), Carrots (Certified Organic), Tapioca Starch Flour (Certified Organic), Evaporated Cane Sugar (Certified Organic), Garlic (Certified Organic), Sea Salt, Canola Oil (Certified Organic) and/or Safflower Oil (Certified Organic) and/or Sunflower Oil (Certified Organic).