Lundberg Family Farms Apple Pie Organic Rice Cake Minis

5 oz
Lundberg Family Farms
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Apple Pie Naturally Flavored with Other Natural Flavors
Enjoy toasty brown rice minis tumbled in the sweet spice of apples and cinnamon, with notes of yummy butter and maple sugar. It's absolute lip smacking, fun snacking!
Since 1937, the Lundberg family has been dedicated to crafting the best-tasting, finest-quality rice products. Each package holds a promise of our continued dedication to great taste, conservation, sustainability, and innovation.

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Ingredients: Brown Rice (Organic Ingredient), Oleic Sunflower Oil (Organic Ingredient), Maple Sugar (Organic Ingredient), Cane Sugar (Organic Ingredient), Brown Rice Flour (Organic Ingredient), Cinnamon (Organic Ingredient), Sea Salt, Natural Flavor (Organic Ingredient), Cream (Organic Ingredient), Flavor, Whey (Organic Ingredient), Nonfat Milk (Organic Ingredient).