Made Good Granola Minis, Organic, Chocolate Chip

5 ct
Made Good

1 extra pack. Now 5 packs! Free from nuts & safe for schools. Nutrients from vegetables. We believe that good food is for everyone. It's why we source organic ingredients and bake our delicious snacks in an allergen-free facility. We work hard as a company to put sustainability first to support our environment. It takes rigor to rewrite the rules, but the future is worth it. Happy snacking! Vitamin from vegetable extracts. What makes this a MadeGood product? Vegetable nutrients. Contains nutrients from vegetables. Recyclable.

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Ingredients: Pure Gluten Free Oats (Organic), Chocolate Chips (Organic)[Cane Sugar (Organic), Unsweetened Chocolate (Organic), Cocoa Butter (Organic)], Cane Sugar (Organic), Sunflower Oil (Organic), Agave Syrup (Organic), Brown Rice Crisps (Organic), Dried Apple Pieces (Organic), Inulin (Organic), Tapioca Starch (Organic), Natural Flavor (Organic), Vegetable Extracts (Spinach, Broccoli, Carrots, Tomatoes, Beets, Shiitake Mushrooms), Brown Rice Syrup (Organic), Salt.