Numi Green Tea, Stone-Ground, Ceremonial Matcha, Higher Caffeine, Loose

12 ct (1.06 oz)

Celebrating people, planet and pure tea. Together for H2OPE. USDA organic. Non GMO Project verified. The Matcha tea ritual is a social bonding experience of mindfulness, respect and a focus on the present. Japanese Traditional Matcha Tea Ceremony: The Matcha tea ceremony is an ancient Japanese tradition representing peace, harmony and happiness. The quiet ritual requires a defined series of precise hand movements and graceful presentation. Matcha is prepared at a table with a bamboo whisk and ceramic bowl and is then passed around the table for a sip from each guest. It concludes with another bow to signify respect to each other. Your purchase helps fund Together for H2OPE, a non-profit initiative that provides clean drinking water to our farming communities around the world. For recipes, visit Partner Carbonfree. Certified B Corporation. To learn more about our commitment to people, planet and pure tea, visit us at Ceremonial Matcha: A way of tea unique to Japan, Matcha is a shade-grown green tea ground into a fine powder. An antioxidant powerhouse, Matcha drinkers benefit from ingesting the whole leaf rather than the brewed leaves. Numi's Ceremonial Matcha is of the highest quality and has a bright savory taste, followed by a lingering sweetness. This product is gluten-free. Certified organic by QAI. Eco-Responsibility Audit: 9,037 trees; 581,216 lbs of landfill; 4,787 MIL (000) BTU energy; 4,052,564 gallons water; 817,335 net green-house emissions. Environmental impact estimates were made using the Environmental Paper Network Calculator. For more information visit: Please be thoughtful and recycle. Printed with soy ink.

Ingredients: Organic Matcha Green Tea.