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NutriBullet Grey 1 Count - 8 Piece

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Over 40 million Bullets sold! Powerful 600 watt motor. 5 fruit & vegetable servings per NutriBlast smoothie (Based on the USDA dietary guidelines for serving sizes, 5 servings will fit into the Tall Cup). Transforming your life starts here.

NutriBullet University: A hands on education and healthy eating experience for students. See how our 90 day program is transforming the way kids look at whole foods. A portion of every NutriBullet sold funds the NutriBullet University school program.

Nutrition Center: Professional support when you need it most. Get answers to your health-related questions from our NutriBullet registered dietitians. Real people, real results.

Transform and Triumph: Stories of better health. NutriBullet is helping people everywhere transform their lives. From incredible weight loss, to clearer skin, to lowering cholesterol see how our users are improving their health, from the inside out. What is Nutrient Extraction? Unlike blenders and juicers, NutriBullet Nutrient Extractors are specifically engineered to break down the cell walls of food to create the most nutrient-dense smoothies possible. This unique extraction process transforms food into its most nutritious, most absorbable state. With extraction, you get the health benefits of eating the whole fruit and vegetable - the fiber, the pulp, the seeds and skins - nothing is left behind. Cracks through stalks. Busts open seeds. Rips apart pulp. Shreds through skin. Transform whole foods into a NutriBlast!

8 Piece Set: 1 600 watt power base (Extracts nutrients from within whole foods); 1 short cup, 1 handled lip ring; 1 tall cup (Prepare and drink from the same cup!); 1 super simple NutriBlasts recipe book (Simple delicious recipes!); 1 pocket nutritionist; 1 extractor blade; 1 lip ring. NutriBullet Recipes App: Download in the App Store; Get it on Google Play. Delicious smoothies at your fingertips. Make the perfect NutriBlast smoothie every time! With hundreds of recipes featuring your favorite fruits and vegetables, our free recipes app will ensure you have everything you need to achieve your personal health goals. NutriBullet (600 Watt): Perfect for: Those ready to take the first step towards healthier eating. Features: high performance 600-watt motor; easy, tasty way to consume superfoods like beets and kale; stainless steel 1.2 mm extractor blade. For household use only. UL listed. Made in China.