Popchips Potato Chips Sea Salt & Vinegar

5 oz

No artificial flavors. 0 grams trans fat and half the fat of fried chips (50+% less fat per 28 g serving sea salt & vinegar popchips 14 g, regular fried potato chips 10 g). Certified Gluten-free. Vegan. Non GMO: Certified by NSF. Never fried. Always real. Unbelievably un-fried. Pucker up! Ready or a pow right in the kisser? When you take a bite of sea salt and vinegar popchips, they bite right back! So go ahead and enjoy the perfect balance of potato, salt and vinegary prepare your taste buds for a spanking. Calling all snacktivists. Boiling in oil used to be something you did to your enemies. But potato chip makers do it to potatoes. They must really hate potatoes. But we don't. We love them. That’s why we take potatoes, add heat and pressure, then pop! It’s a perfectly seasoned chip that tastes as good as fried. So eat popchips, and feel the love in every bite. No added preservatives (citric acid is added for flavor). No synthetic colors. No cholesterol.

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Ingredients: Potato, Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Sunflower Oil, Maltodextrin, Sea Salt, White Distilled Vinegar, Cane Sugar, Citric Acid (Citric Acid and Lactic Acid Are Added for Flavor), Lactic Acid (Citric Acid and Lactic Acid Are Added for Flavor), Natural Flavor, Yeast Extract.