RW Knudsen Organic Just Tart Cherry Juice

32 oz
R.W. Knudsen

Made with the finest all-natural ingredients. No preservatives and no artificial flavors... For Goodness Sake®! Provides a 1 cup serving: Each 8 fl oz cup of fruit*. *Serving information based on USDA's MyPlate ( Non-GMO project verified is a registered trademark of the Non-GMO project, Inc. In 1961, R.W. Knudsen started bottling fruit juice from his grape vineyard on one condition-he insisted his juices never contain artificial flavors or preservatives. Little did R.W. Knudsen know he was starting a tradition of innovation. Today our wide variety of products are made with all the care and commitment to quality for which R.W. Knudsen Family is famous. Producing fruit juices and fruit products with integrity, craftsmanship, and innovation... A balance we think you'll find refreshing! Certified organic by quality assurance international. Contains 100% juice.

Ingredients: Filtered Water (sufficient to reconstitute), Organic Red Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate.