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Smartwater+ Clarity Ginseng Vapor Distilled Water - 23.7 Ounce

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Glaceau. Infused with extracts. Vapor distilled for purity. Electrolytes for taste. Smartwater+ Clarity is the crisp, clean water you love, elevated with ginseng and infused with green tea flavor extract, seek clarity from the inside out with hydration you can feel and purity you can taste, in every enhanced sip. 23.7 fl oz. Made for Glaceau. Please recycle.

Ingredients: Vapor Distilled Water, Green Tea Extract, Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride (Electrolyte Sources (Electrolytes Added for Taste)), Ginseng Extract, Potassium Bicarbonate (Electrolyte Source (Electrolytes Added for Taste)).