Southern Recipe Small Batch Smoked Sea Salt Oven Baked Pork Rinds

3.63 oz
Southern Recipe

Oven baked. Coated in sunflower oil. Gluten free. Big taste. 33% less fat than our regular fried pork rinds (Total fat has been reduced from 4.5 g per serving to 3 g per serving as compared to our regular fried pork rinds). 0 g total carbohydrate per serving.US Inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Recipe No. 26: Smoked Sea Salt: Our pork skins are hand selected and cooked in small batches. We've baked our pork rinds for a new snack that has 0 g total carbohydrate per serving! Small batch recipe No. 26, smoked sea salt, is a savory pork rind crunch with a hint of Smoked Sea Salt. This smoky taste is a perfect complement to your favorite salsa or dip. Take your crunch to the next level. Be big. Be bold. Be adventurous.

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Ingredients: Pork Rinds, Sunflower Oil, Salt and Smoked Sea Salt.