Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, Unflavored Powder

20 oz
Vital Proteins
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This dietary supplement provides 20g collagen per serving making it a great source of essential amino acids. Our product is dairy-free, gluten-free, and Paleo friendly. Amino acid content per serving (average milligrams naturally occurring): Alanine 1,462mg; Arginine 1,517mg; Aspartic acid 1,192mg; Glutamic acid 2,239mg; Glycine 3,719mg; Histidine (Essential) 144mg; Hydroxylysine 217mg; Hydroxyproline 2,058mg; Isoleucine (Essential) 271mg; Leucine (Essential) 524mg; Lysine (Essential) 614mg; Methionine (Essential) 108mg; Phenylalanine (Essential) 379mg; Proline 2,076mg; Serine 614mg; Threonine (Essential) 343mg; Tryptophan 0mg;

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The *Best* Collagen Peptides Powder!

I’ll start this by reviewing this item and the seller to give potential customers the option to continue reading if they want additional information on this type of product if they’re new and as indecisive as I was when I first began.

SELLER: My item came packaged well secured in place and wrapped with bubble wrap inside the box. It was fresh and in perfect condition. It arrived within a reasonable time. The only thing that will deter me from buying again is the high shipping cost as I’m able to get it with free shipping elsewhere and save $10.

Product Pros:
• This brand has 20 grams of collagen per serving whereas the top competitors vary between 6-12mg with the average being 10. So that alone justifies the price difference.

• The tub is much easier to use than the usual bags that end up wearing down within two weeks and have difficulty closing.

• It mixes well enough but I’d argue it’s claims of mixing great in cold drinks because that’s a lie. [mixing tip below]

• While it is unflavored, you still pick up on the gelatinous taste/texture. In comparison to others, it’s definitely the better of the group as some have a very noticeable odor.

• Plastic tubs add up and add more waste. I think they should offer refills in eco-friendly bags so we can simply refill the same tub instead of buying a tub every 28 days.

• It’s only February once a year, so they seem extra stingy having a 27 or 28 day supply, not to mention they charge $7 for the 1 day difference. But when you have a monthly subscription, you have to set it up after receiving your first jar to ensure you don’t run out (which I initially did) due to the fact there’s more than 28 days in most months. I have mine set up to where I always have an unopened container when I’m halfway through my current one.

Almost two years ago I started my collagen supplement journey and have subsequently tried the top 10 brands along the way to try and find the best one. I learned as much as I could during the process about pros and cons regarding the types, ingredients and so forth.

My first month I was reeled in by Spoiled Child which was a nightmare and led to me having to involve my bank due to nearly $600 worth of fraudulent charges. The worst part was learning that the only people who put their product on the top 10 list is because it’s incentivized. Liquid is a bad choice for many reasons, much like with flavored - there’s additives and preservatives that you won’t find in an unflavored powder.

My backup brand is Live Conscious. Their bags are actually over a months supply so while it’s ~10mg per serving, you get extra. Their bags are a nightmare and the seal no longer closes after around 2 weeks.

Mixing tips: I use ~1/3 cup of very hot water and mix a scoop into it. I usually prepare 3 days at a time and put the mixture into a few travel bottles and put them in my fridge (once it settles it looks like urine, lol). I add orange juice or lemonade with it when I’m ready to drink them.

Since the gelatinous texture is slightly predominant I don’t mix mine with coffee because it ruins the flavor and texture.

If you’re new to collagen and/or were advised to ‘Collagen Load’ I recommend thus brand and then also get the Live Conscious brand to add an extra scoop for your loading process until you’ve reestablished a proper level in your system in order to actually see the benefits and results.

I loaded for 45 days with no problems but it did suppress my appetite. I’m pretty petite as it is but I have my cannabis card and that ensures I’ll have an appetite. 😂

I tried to cover as much as possible so hopefully this helps someone!