Weleda Skin Food Nourishing Body Lotion

6.8 oz

Help your skin get the nourishment it deserves with Weleda Skin Food's Nourishing Body Lotion! This 6.8 oz bottle of pure goodness will give your skin some serious TLC and has the potential to quickly become your go-to moisturizer. Get on the happy skin train with Weleda's remarkable hydration - your skin will thank you!

Ingredients: Water/Aqu/Eau, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric, Triglyceride Glycerin, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, Betaine, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Tapioca Starch, Stearic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Sorbitan Olivate, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Viola Tricolor Extract, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Xanthan Gum, Tocopherol, Lactic Acid, Glyceryl Caprylate, Fragrance (Parfum), Limonene, Linalool Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Cinnamate, Geraniol, Source of Ingredients: Water/Eau, Sunflower, Vegetable Oil, Vegetable Oil, Sunflower, Fragmented Grain, Plant Derived, Sugar Beet, Shea, Tapioca, Vegetable Oil, Vegetable Oil, Rosemary, Chamomile, Pansy, Marigold, Fermented Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Fermented Sugar, Vegetable Oil, from Natural Essential Oils and/or Plant Extracts.