Dietitian Recommendations to Fight Off Winter Woes

Dietitian Recommendations to Fight Off Winter Woes

Jan 24, 2024Tori Sajovec, RD, LD

This winter, let it snow good health and good moods for all! As we spend more time inside, we must ensure our home is equipped to handle our winter "hibernation." Think about items to have on hand for easy meal prep, boosting immune health, and promoting relaxation. All are key to surviving the winter woes! Below are some dietitian recommendations to get you started. 


  • Low Sodium Broths: Soup season is here, and it all starts with a good broth base. Pack on the flavor and leave out the sodium with broths like Full Circle Chicken Bone Broth or Zoup Veggie Broth. Cozy comfort foods like soup are a winter meal staple and the perfect opportunity to add additional nutrients. You can add fiber with extra vegetables and protein from beans or lentils to any soup! 


  • Caffeine-Free Tea: Set the restful tone for warm winter nights with caffeine-free tea options from brands like Tiesta Tea, Yogi, and Stash. Managing stress and sleep is a huge part of protecting your immune health. De-stress with deep breathing, stretching, or developing a new relaxing evening routine. Aim for at least seven hours of sleep a night to give your body the time it fully needs to recover and be ready for the next day. 


  • Immune Boosting Vitamins and Minerals: Germs are everywhere, with sicknesses hiding around the corner. Prepare your body to fight with the common immune-boosting vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, D, and Zinc. Also, consider additional support from lesser-known supplements like Elderberry and Echinacea — which have both been shown to lessen the duration of the common cold. 


  • Home Workout Equipment: Whether we like it or not, shoveling snow is an unavoidable winter workout. On days when the snow has been taken care of, we still need to get in some movement. If you can't make it to the gym or the roads won't allow it, consider bringing the gym to you with simple at-home equipment. Start easy with some workout basics, like a yoga mat, light weights, and a loop band kit. These basics can be used for various exercises and only take up a little space in the home! 


The best way to fight off the winter woes is to find what works for you! Keeping your diet full of nutrients, stress levels down, and a consistent sleep schedule are great ways to start. Being healthy isn't seasonal, and you can feel good year-round with these tips! 


Connect with your local Hy-Vee dietitian on our virtual nutrition services platform and schedule a complimentary Discovery Session to learn more. Hy-Vee dietitians offer various services to help you meet your weight loss and nutrition goals, including one-on-one consultation packages, personalized menu plan programs, virtual nutrition store tours and more.   


 The information is not intended as medical advice. Please consult a medical professional for individual advice. 


About the Registered Dietitian 
Tori Sajovec RD, LD, received her Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics with a minor in English from Iowa State University. From there, her passions took her to New Orleans, Louisiana, where she completed her 10-month dietetic internship program through Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. As her knowledge of food and nutrition grew, so did her desire to educate customers and clients on their overall well-being. Her goal as a dietitian is to make health and wellness an insightful and enjoyable lifestyle for all.

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