The Best Uses for Coconut Oil  (Hint: It’s for more than just baking!)

The Best Uses for Coconut Oil (Hint: It’s for more than just baking!)

Feb 08, 2023Paige Green, RD, LD

You might have coconut oil in your kitchen pantry, but what about your bathroom? Because coconut oil is comprised of a unique combination of natural fats, its purposes extend beyond just cooking and baking! There are also plenty of ways it can benefit your beauty routine.


Removing makeup. Oil breaks down oil, so coconut oil is a gentle and effective makeup remover. Apply about a teaspoon of solid coconut oil over your face and neck. Let sit for a few minutes. Then wipe your face with a warm, wet cloth. You can also apply it to a cotton pad or cloth to spot remove traces of makeup.


Soothing chapped lips: Coconut oil makes a perfect natural lip balm. It glides on smoothly and moisturizes to leave your lips feeling soft and protected from the elements. If you are prone to frequent chapped lips, you can even make your own exfoliating lip scrub using coconut oil:


Easy Lip Scrub

All you need:


All you do:

  • In a small bowl, stir together all ingredients until well combined.
  • Take a small amount and massage onto your lips.
  • Leave on lips for 2-5 minutes. Then remove with a damp cloth.


Healing cuticles: Ragged cuticles and hangnails, be gone! Simply apply a small amount of coconut oil to your cuticles and massage for a few moments. Do this several times a week for best results.  


Protecting hair: Coconut oil can protect against hair damage by nourishing its strands and increasing strength. When you’re in the shower, melt your coconut oil by running the jar under the warm water. Then, after shampooing, apply a small amount of oil to wet hair and let sit for at least five minutes before rinsing.


Moisturizing skin: Does frequent handwashing and dry, cold weather have your skin screaming for moisture? Coconut oil can help prevent water loss, as well as protect skin from external factors, making it a great total-body moisturizer! For best results, apply to skin when still warm and damp from a shower.


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